Monday, October 5, 2009

All PEARED out

All well, the day has come's a rainy day and I don't even have a good book to curl up to!! The day of 'boredom'. Yep, we all have them and this one is mine. I'm not sure what to do next.

(besides mopping up the mud after the dogs go out to do their business!)

See the boychild is sleeping in the guest room, so I can't go into the craft room and work, it'll be too loud I'm afraid (and since he has to drive 16 hours tonight, I certainly don't' want to wake him). It's raining so can't work outside. Could watch an old movie on TV, good day for it I suppose or could curl up to a good book, but alas I don't believe I have any on my shelf that I haven't already read! Does this mean it's computer game time??

So tell me ..what have YOU been up to?

I did decorate the house a wee bit for the fall season. I need more fall decorations for sure.
In the past week we've put up 17 pints of pears, 6 quarts of pears, 4 pints of pear sauce and one quart of pear juice. Ya know what?? I"m about 'peared' out! Sad thing is, there are tons more on the tree and one batch 'ripening' in the bedroom as I type. They'll be ready next week. I think I'll let the animals have the ones left on the tree.

I guess it's time to peruse my bookshelf again and see if there's something hiding that maybe I could read ..or read again.
Don't ya just hate these type of days?

See ya next time......down on the farm!


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Unknown said...

No, I DON'T hate those kind of days! LOL I wish I had more of them!! Sounds like you deserve a rest though, been pretty busy around there and more to come. Enjoy your pears...I can't imagine having "free" fruit to can...we pay an arm and a leg for it. Oh well, read a book, watch a movie, relax, you earned it! Hugs. Nancy