Monday, September 7, 2009

Wedding Day Table decorations

With the daughters wedding just around the corner, I was trying to come up with ideas to decorate a few tables. I need some centerpieces. While perusing the shelves in the thrift store a week before the wedding, I happened upon these little gems. There were 4 of them, but I only needed three.
At .25 cents a piece, I couldn't resist, especially knowing this wedding was being held outside and should any breeze show itself, candles would not stay lit. These proved the perfect solution.

I rummaged through my craft room and came out with these objects. Silver beads, a string of tiny fake pearls, some white mini silk roses and very very pale yellow (almost antique white) ribbon and finally some thin white satin ribbon. I had the makings of something good here, I was sure of it!

Remembering that 'good design' leaves things in odd numbers, I decided just what to do. I measured the ribbon to reach around the 'waisted' ends of each 'chimney'. Turned it under and hot glued it in place. I strung the thin white ribbon onto the needle and added a silver bead and a small knot at each end. (two of these) Then, I cut a piece of fake pearls the same length as the ribbons giving me 'three' pieces, an odd number. Each one was hot glued to the center of each waisted top, making sure the bottoms of my 'dangles' fell just below the largest part of the belly of the chimney.

I cut the stem from the silk rose, close enough to give me a fairly flat back and hot glued these over the dangles to cover up where they were glued. Added the candle and WOWSA..looky looky!

Here's all three standing in a row like little soldiers.

Don't think JUST 'wedding' when you look at these, change the colors and think fall, or Halloween or Christmas, heck, with the right colors you could even think Easter! Give the thrift store a try as a jumping board for decorations. You may discover something that everyone will LOVE!
Here is one of the treasures on the cake table at the wedding. It was perfect. The other two were on the dinning table.
Give creative crafting a try, you just might like it!
Total cost for these little gems, about 2$ each including the candle! Can't beat that for wedding table decorations!
See ya next time...
Sage, the Hedgewife