Sunday, May 31, 2009

Soap boxes and Chopsticks

Ok ok ok...
(grabbing Suds by the tail and pulling him out to the middle of the room..crawling atop his back) Remember Suds?? He's my soapbox.
It must be a soapbox Sunday..

Silverware. Yep, that's my soapbox grump for the day. It's the one thing I hate about the dishes. I can wash dishes no problem..I hate washing silverware..
I can load the dishwasher no problem..I hate unloading the silverware.
Mind you, silverware is not the only thing of 'housework' that I detest..laundry is the other. Again, I can wash and dry them all day..but the folding and the putting away..ARGGHH!! I hate it. HATE IT HATE you hear me?? HATE IT!

I think it's because both of these jobs are, monotonous?, well, YES they are that, but they are just simply annoying! It's a repeated thing, of the same things! You fold the same underwear umpteen times a week..and you put away the same silverware umpteen times a week.
The big thing about silverware is we all have those little silverware holders that make you put things in certain areas, in certain ways right? So here you stand at the drawer with a handful of clean silverware and you turn and twist each piece so it will fit into its little compartment. WHAT A PAIN!!

So I've thought about it. Wonder if the hubby would fuss too much if I got rid of all the silverware in the house and took up an Eastern tradition?
Ya know..chopsticks!
They are all the same (well not really, but close enough), they require no wouldn't have to twist and turn them into place..just toss them in a draw! Pick out two and your done! Wow, how hard can this be??
I think the Chinese, Japanese, and all the other eastern cultures got it right. The women HAD to be behind it!

(steps off Suds, drags him back to his corner and walks away..chanting)

See ya next time......down on the farm!


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Unknown said...

I hear you Sage! And I'm with you all the way!! LOLpr