Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Seems like I've dissapeard huh?

I haven't..and I did have a haul at the thrift store last week, on Friday instead of Thursday.
It rained like the dickens here on Thursday of last week, so this ol' hedgewife didn't budge from the house!
On Friday, I did venture out, visited with the daughter and the grand child and of course, hit the Thrift Store. I unfortunately didn't get pictures, but here is a list of the things I did pick up.

A large barn red coat peg rack for the wall..for 1.99$
A 5 inch Lodge Cast Iron Skillet 1.99$
2 more frames for stitcheries .65cents each
another little brown crock with lid and metal snap .45cents
3 baskets for .50cents each

Was a good day!
I'll try to post pictures of these things 'in use' as I am using them already! (I don't buy stuff I can't use')

Fear not, another Thursday is coming up and I'm sure I'll be posting other stuff between now and then! Till then..have a great day.

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