Thursday, February 5, 2009

What's on the table tonight?

It's a cold day out there today! Our temps last night fell between 11 and 19 WOWSA!
So, it looked like a bean or soup day!
Pondering what to make for dinner............I take a look at what I've got in my fridge and freezer. Pork bits..ham..pork bone..and the thoughts are starting to come to me..hmm soup or beans?
In the fridge I had some sour cream, some avocados, shredded cheeese....well it's looking like a mexican bean night! BLACK BEANS! that's it!
I looked up some 'black beans' recipes..and after scanning several of them, I'm 'combining' a few for a black bean dinner! (I do this all the time!) I'll probably add other beans to this too, cuz the pot I make will be HUGE!

So into the kitchen I've gone and since I did not soak my beans overnight like your supposed to, here's a trick to 'cook beans the same day'.

Add the beans to water..I put the beans in the bottom of the pot and put in LOTS of water. Add one large spoon of baking soda and put them on to boil. Once they begin to boil, let them roll for about 2 hours. KEEP A WATCH ON THEM! They will boil a mess! Drain and start your recipe from this point. (or you can always cook them in a pressure cooker!)

In the meantime, get out the rest of the ingredients.
Remeber..these will be mexican style!
So, I've got cumin, some of the jalapenos that we grew this summer, onions, celery, tomotoes we canned this year, bell peppers we put in the feezer this summer, salt, pepper, garlic and of course, a good size chunk of pork.
Sounds like the makings of beans mexican style to me! Maybe with rice..maybe not!
Things on the side, are the things I listed above, sour cream, avocado's (not sure if I'll make guacamole yet) plus I'll make some cornbread to go along with and dinner will be a breeze! Will check back in later to let ya know how they are going and how I make them!

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