Saturday, February 28, 2009's what I did today

Dipped candles ...ALL DAY!! Yep..I do it the old fashioned way, two candles at a time. I enjoy it.

I store my wax in THIS: Looks like a big cauldron don't it?

It takes a while to heat up, but in the meantime, I spend working on other things and getting my wicks ready. I use old fashioned cotton twine for the wicks. I get them soaked in wax and straightened and hardened before I begin dipping.
Then, I drape one wick, which will be two candles, over a ruler or paint stick and begin dipping, one dip at a time.

Here we go, all lined up, after about 10 dippings.

A little bigger now, 30 or better dippings into the process.
Wow, now they are starting to look a little more like candles..50+ dippings

And finally, the last two or three dipping sessions.

100's of dippings later...............


And what do you know, candles!

These will now have to 'cure' for 24 hours, then tomorrow, I'll take a very sharp knife and trim the bottoms.
Sometimes I roll them in herbs during that last few dippings, it gives them an even more 'prim' look. These, I decided not to roll.
I leave them connected and they are GREAT for hanging on pegs!
These do burn well..but like I said, they are done in the old fashioned way, you have to trim the wicks on these or the flames will get too high.
I try to live green in many ways, and the candles are one way. I use wax from all the candles that I have around the house ones that don't burn up all the way, or even friends bringing me over their 'leftovers' from candles that don't burn down all the way.
Especially when you buy a candle that will not burn no matter what you do, usually due to an incorrect sized wick..that goes into the pot too. Never waste wax around here! The cauldron waits for it!
I'm hoping to start selling these soon. Not sure about pricing yet, but I'll do some searching and see what I can come up with. you dip your candles??
Maybe tomorrow I'll post about "Candlemas"...Feb 2 (a little late I know, but it's interesting nonetheless).

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