Saturday, February 28, 2009

The time has come

It's almost garden season again! (at least down here in the south it is!)

A few weekends ago we began work on the garden boxes. I got three of them ready, and hope to get the rest done next weekend. It rained here this weekend, so no garden work today!

The garden will be a wee bit different this year then last, as I will more the likely be going to work (outside the home! EEK!) so we are going to key in on what we 'like to put up' for winter. Mainly..TOMATOES! There will be lots of them so I can can them for the year.
I wanted to get brocolli out, but I'm afraid it may already be too late, not sure I have to do some checkin' on that still yet.

So are you working on your garden?? Tell me all about it!

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