Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It's Valentines month, THINK RED!

I have to tell you, you know from previous posts that the hubby has been working a lot of over time..12 hour days, 7 days a week. It's been crazy, he's exhausted.
Anyway, that schedule doesn't' allow him time to do anything that needs to be done at home.
We needed to change a belt..a simple belt on the truck as it had started squeaking.
When was he going to get that time? It's dark when he leaves and dark when he comes home, there was no time. So we arranged with the local mechanic to drop the truck off late on Monday night and pick it up late on Tuesday night.
This gave us cause to stop and grab something to eat after picking up the truck last night. Something quick, that we both liked cuz hubby was still slightly dirty from work as we drove straight to the mechanics after he got off without a 'shower' time in between.
So we decided on Captain D's. Now, I love Captain D's, but last night..I realized just how much the economy and the 'love of money' was starting to dictate in every aspect of life.

When you go to Captain D's you usually get a good sized piece of fish..big sometimes. Last night I ordered my fish dinner and what came out was not a 'piece of fish' as was a 'fish finger'.
They have started cutting their pieces in half! Can you believe that?? I was appalled. Did I complain? No, wouldn't have done any good, they just work for the company, they have no say.

But I did decide that I would not pay that price again for 'fish fingers' thank you.
Captain D's has lost my business..and I guess since I'm posting about it on the blog, maybe some others will read and be prepared..
TRULY ..I kid you not, each piece of fish was 'cut in half' so that it was about the size of a 'chicken finger'..They didn't lower the price though..I'm really disappointed in the they seek to line their pockets even deeper with less food, same price. Not my style of 'business'. I think I'll pass.

Have you had any experiences with this type of 'business' lately?? Sound off about it! Time to speak up! We work hard for the money that is made around here, and to enjoy a night out every once in a while, even if it's just Captain D's ..but what we don't expect is to be 'jipped' like we were last night.
The economy is bad enough..why do that to the people who ARE frequenting your eatery? Makes no sense to me!

The Hedgewife

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