Thursday, February 5, 2009

Speaking of Dinner..

When I was a 'new' wife..I struggled with dinner ideas, and with saving money. Over the years (and boy have there been plenty of those!) I have learned some tricks of the trade. I didn't always learn these on my own. I did a lot of reading, search and talking to the 'older wiser' wife.

But here are a few tricks I learned. In no particular order.

*Always keep 'cream of' soups on hand. I very rarely use them for general 'eating' ..but instead use them in the cooking and making of meals. I'll tell you some of those later.

*Always make from scratch if you can. If you can't..learn. It is cheaper and always always tastes better. If they can make it and put it in a can or a box for you to buy at the store, you can make it at home!

*Make most of your own cleaners. Three of the most wonderful things to keep for your cleaning supplies are vinegar, bleach and ammonia. And NO I don't mean mixed together, just keep them on your shelf. I'll give you recipes for that too!

*Crock pots are great things and if you don't have a crock pot, get you a good heavy pot (I love a cast iron one) for the top of the stove. You can treat it just like a crock pot!

*Think more then one day or one week ahead when it comes to dinners. Check the sale papers, make out a menu according to what you can buy on sale and THEN go shopping. Buy extras of anything you can when it runs on sale.

*Get a freezer. Even a small freezer will save you tons in the long run! (Remember those sales?)

*For the most nutritious foods always shop the 'outer edges' of the store as much as possible. The 'worst for you food' is on the inner isles.

*Always keep these spices on hand (in powdered form if nothing else) Onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, chili powder, cinnamon, Cumin, Oregano & Basil. sauce, Worcestershire sauce and chicken and beef bullion cubes or powder.
Let's talk some dinner..check the next post!

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