Monday, February 9, 2009


Today is the day!!

So..join the challenge, get your friends invovled..and barter barter barter.
The challenge for today is the 'craft' area of your house. WORK FOR ONE HALF HOUR and 'MOVE IT OUT!'....While you're moving out, find your bartering items..check below to see what and how many!

Today..pick 5 items or more that you no longer use, want or need. (that can be used for crafts)
Post your items (pictures included if you can) with good and fair descriptons, to your favorite forum/blog/etc and trade them off with others who are doing the Move it out Monday Challenge! You may find something you need from someone else, and you may have exactly what they were looking for!!

All the ladies of Prim Sisters who do not have a blog or special place to post their trades are invited to send me photo's of their trades and I will post them here on The Hedgewife blogspot. (on saturdays)
All pictures, descriptions, etc must be in to me by Friday, for our virtual 'Yard Sale' on Saturdays. Please keep the descriptions short and precise to save space.

If you have a blog or special place that you can post your trades, put the internet address of where to find your 'yard' and a short description in the 'comments section of the Saturday's post.
If you do not belong to Prim Sisters, but would still like to get in on the virtual yard sale, please add your name and address to the comments section on Saturday's post, so others can shop at YOUR yard sale!

Saturday's will be our virtual yardsale days! For those at Prim Sisters who need to send in photos and descriptions to the Hedgewife blogspot, I will post them on Saturday's for others to go 'shopping'! Make sure you get them to me by Friday!

Rules of the trade:
You can choose one or all of the items someone has to trade.
You must have something to 'barter' with or opt to 'buy' it from the trader.
All communication is done between the traders, not Sagewood or the Hedgewife.
The cost of shipping will be left up to the traders to decide.

HAPPY BARTERING! So..le'ts get started! It's MOVE IT OUT MONDAY! Pick your 5 items today, and get them posted for the Yard sale on Saturday!!

The Hedgewife

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