Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's been a while

But really..I've been busy! Our newest family member, Baxter, is getting along just fine. As you saw in the last pictures he was shaved and had his vet visit. His fur is growing back quick so I thought I'd update you with some pics. Baxter is taking to the house and our little family, he loves everyone. The fence was begun yesterday. (let me tell you..fencing an acre is not fun, easy or cheap!)

So here ya go, some updated pics! These first ones show just how big Baxter is!

Then Baxter learned about taking turns. Maya and Cami love popcorn, so we figured we'd see if Baxter loved it too. He does..so here we go..in turn.

One piece for Maya

One piece for Cami

One piece for Baxter

So there ya go...learning to share and take turns! GO BAXTER!!

Till next time!


Suzanne said...

He's HUGE! I gotta quit showing mama pics of him. She's wanting him. Sampson would be intimidated.

Sage said...

Huge he is..and you tell mama..if for some reason we cannot keep him..she was first on my list! LOL