Friday, February 27, 2009

Is ironing a bad thing??

Ok ok ok, now I know some of you readers are going to think..'this women is nuts'..but there are TIMES (grant you..not many, but some) that I enjoy ironing! Sometimes I really want to get out the old ironing board, heat up the . SICK?

Here's some memories..and maybe once you read this, you'll understand where it comes from.
Mama..I can always blame Mama!

I remember when I was ohh maybe somewhere between 4 and 5 (maybe younger, who knows..I've slept since then, just suffice it to say it's a memory)
Anyway..I remember my mother, standing by her ironing board, ironing EVERYTHING. Did you hear that? I'll repeat..EVERYTHING!
ESPECIALLY..get aren't going to believe it..but, my mother ironed the sheets!!!
Yep..sheets, pillow cases, shirts, skirts, pants ....did I say "EVERYTHING?" ..and to boot all that..she used starch! Now mind you, I don't remember if she used starch on the sheets and such, but she used it on everything else. Thank goodness I don't have a memory of her ironing the underwear! (OUCH!)

I posted a while back about the old original 'chores for the days of the week'
Wash on Monday
IRON on Tuesday
Mend on Wednesdady...etc.
Wow..I'm behind. I'm still washing and it's FRIDAY!
Goodgracious help me!

Anyway, for the insanely's some links about ironing, ironing boards and irons. Have fun!

The Hedgewife

PS: There is one thing I can say about my mama's ironed sheets. When it came to 'making a bed'...she could surely make a pretty one!

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yorkie's primitives said...

My Mom ironed everything too, Sage. She even ironed the t shirts and underwear.LOL So I know where you are coming from.