Saturday, February 28, 2009

I got a little creative today

I spent all day in my craft room, doing this and that, and this and that...I dipped a good many candles today. (long process!)

Then, in between dippings I wanted to do something else, but nothing was hitting me. First it I make a doll? Do I make some kitchen towels with little embroideries on the bottom, do a paint a picture. Various things ran through my mind and I just couldn't decide!
So here I have all this stuff laying out in front of me..and well I decided to do something I had never done before. I'm sure some other artist out there has done it, but well, it was new to me!

I wanted to paint an embroidery picture on wet canvas like material with acrylics for my bathroom and see what it would come out like. If it came out awful, I could toss it, if it was cute, I could keep it.
Here's what inspired me to do this:

I bought this little 'ships wheel' frame many many moons ago (at a yardsale for 25 cents no less!)and had the embroidery for the 'sea sprites' for quite a while as well. I had my bathroom in mind when I purchased both of these, since it's all about 'the sea' and seaside docks. So began the adventure. I cut out the design I wanted, made sure the pic would fit inside the frame..

Then began ironing on.... and putting in a hoop.

I got the material wet in a few places and began adding the paint. I made the paint even more 'spreadable' by adding a little water to it here and there.
I didn't take pictures of that process, because I wasn't' sure this was going to work, but in the end, it turned out pretty nice. I got it all painted, dried it with a hair dryer and then took a very very fine point permanent marker and put in some black details.

Then started on the frame. I painted the frame, not sure what color I was going to end up with, but opted for an aged/sea weathered look in medium dark tones. Put the picture in it, added the back and WHOOP..there it is!

I like the way the material grabbed the watered down paint and spread it out in areas..specially the 'wing's of the sprite. It's different and something I think I will do again and play with, maybe even get good at! (well..I'd try anyway!)

See ya next time......down on the farm!



yorkie's primitives said...

Sage, that is AWESOME!!/ I love the way it turned out. And the color of the wheel blends perfect. Great work!

Sage said...

Thanks Yorkie! It turned out better then I thought it would..and I really do like it! Thanks again!