Sunday, February 8, 2009

Guess what tomorrow is?


Yep...Move it out Monday!
It's time..spring is almost here, it's in the air..can't you smell it??
((sniff, sniff)) I's so close!
So with spring and the 'newness' of the new year still at hand, it's time to start a 'new theme' and a new 'life' in your craft and home areas! So..this is how we come to 'Move it out Mondays!"

What's the challenge??
To take one small section, one small closet, one small small anything that you can work on in ONE HALF HOUR and move out what you no longer need, use or have two or three of. Lay it out, take pictures and share it with someone and 'trade off'. Use the barter system. If there is someone else who is participating in Move it out Monday and they have something YOU would like..see if you have something they can use!
If not..sell it, toss it..give it away, just MOVE IT OUT! Make room for the newness and the freshness of a new year!

So..get ready, it's MOVE IT OUT MONDAY!! Starting tomorrow and every Monday there after! (heck..we may even extend it to Tuesday and Wednesday ..LOL) We'll see how it goes!

The Hedgewife


yorkie's primitives said...

Sage I think move it out Monday is an awesome idea. Let me know when you start, Valerie

Sage said...

We'll start the concept..of "DOING" the moving tomorrow..MONDAY morning..bright and early! I'm sure we can post our 'trades' on the site..if not, I can always post them here! Check in the AM..let's get starting "MOVING OUT!"