Friday, January 16, 2009

Welcome to the New Year!!

And how did you start your New Year?
Did you begin it with a bang, or let it come in quietly in the stillness of the night?

I choose to let mine come in, in peace. My house was clean, the sky was clear and I was satisfied.
Now..that does not mean that I sat on my duff all New Years day. Of course I did some, but, not for the whole day!
I've always heard it said that 'whatever you do on New Years day, you'll do the rest of the year' so I made it a point to do a few things, and NOT do a few things.
I called my kids, I played a video game and had fun with that, I did some crafting, I cleaned a bit, I read a bit, I watched tv a bit, I enjoyed the outside for a while and most importantly, I relaxed!
What I didn't do was get angry, argue, be upset, depressed or sad. I let the day take care of itself for the most part taking a few minutes here and there to do the things that made me happy or pleased.

Did I make any resolutions for this year? Well, yes and no. I made a few, they were small and ones that I know I can keep, but I didn't overdo anything in that nature.

I promised myself that I'd always make sure my kitchen was clean before going to bed (So far so good..of course, I was always pretty good about that anyway) ..and I promised myself that this years craft goal was quilts. QUILTS QUILTS AND MORE QUILTS!

So when Papa Santa came around and asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told him, quilt batting for a queen sized bed. That's what papa Santa left me too. Soon then, I'll be starting my first quilt of the year. I'm ready and chomping at the bit to get it started but have a few things to tend to first.
Oh yeah, which reminds me, another resolution/promise made. To take a hard look at my craft supplies, get rid of stuff I was not using (really!), to finish any UFO's that were lurking in there (of which I'm proud to say are not too many!) and to try not to start a new project till an old was finished ...OK OK have no more then 3 going at any one time then! Gee! Can't get by with anything around here!
I have one more little secret promise too..and it is as follows.

For a few years now I have wanted to make a few dolls. I made some many years ago that turned out wonderful and have wanted to do it again..but not just any doll...nooooo! These dolls I want to make for the special people in my life and they need to look like them and represent them. So I've got 7 dolls in mind. One for my best friend, one for my daughter and one for my daughter in law. for one of my sisters and one for her daughter and finally one for each of my grandchildren born this past year ( girl). My first grandchildren and I got blessed with one of each!
Those are the special people in my life.'s on to quilt making and doll making and house keeping and dinner baking! Doing things of the old ways with the help sometimes of the new fangled machines! ON WITH THE HEDGEWIVES!

SO how about you..what resolutions/promises did you make?

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