Thursday, January 29, 2009

An update...

Well..the big 'boy' is still here with us and his vet visit has come and gone.
Here's the scoop gotta hear this!

A story:
The big day....or the day I took the monster to the vet:

This big boy had no clue what 'load up' meant. I tried every trick known to man to coax this dog into the back seat of the truck..even meat pieces..didn't work! Getting him in the truck was going to be impossible. So, I thought, maybe he's a 'ride in the back of the truck kinda dog'..and I proceeded to take him to the back of the truck and put the tailgate down. He just kinda looked at me. I patted the truck bed and use every word I could think of for 'loading up'. Nada. Nothing doing!
He just looked at me. Sat right at the back of that truck and looked at me. Sooo I wrapped my arms around his chest area (OH MY GAWD) He's so big, I could just barely link my fingers together around his chest. Once they were locked, I begin to lift. Nothing moved. I tried again..nothing moved.
With every bit of strength in me I did a heave ho! and barely got his front paws up on the tailgate.
I let go and looked at him. He looked back. Did he continue in the truck? OHh no..that would have been too easy. I patted the truck luck.
This dog was not going in the truck. Not because he wouldn't have, but because he was clueless.

I had to put on my thinking cap.
I was alone with this big behemoth and his appointment was at 3:30. How was I going to get him in the truck to get him there?
The light bulb went off.
I put him back in the house, went back out to the truck and drove it into the front yard. I wiggled it and maneuvered it till the tailgate (down) was straight in front of my steps and I began backing up. I brought the tailgate right up to the inch away if that.
I went back in the house, grabbed his leash, opened the front door and walked him out the door and right into the back of the truck! WALLA! Dog in truck. I tied him in and away we went.
I drove slow, cuz you never know if one is going to try and jump out the back of a truck and it made me nervous! Matter of fact, he did real well, but I was a nervous wreck when we got to the vets.
I left him tied in the truck and went in to the vets office..relaying the story once again of his 'wandering' self appearing in my yard nearly a week before and his sticking around. Then I lowered the boom on them "You guys will either have to do this check up/examination in the back of my truck.......OR someone or several someones will have to help me get him back into the truck"..They all laughed and told me no problem, they'd help me. So with that promise, I brought the big Goliath inside.
It is a boy..He weighs 123 lbs. He does NOT have heart worms (good thing too, cuz that was one condition the hubby and I would not have paid for..the cost for this big guy would have started at $650 and gone as high as $800. ( animals but for a stray..not going to do it.)
He did have intestinal worms (which we figured was a sure thing) and yep, the vet said he has to be shaved. His mats were so bad they were like armor plating. His heart is good, his lungs are good. And just as I suspected, he is a pure blood Great Pyrenees Mountain dog.
We've named him Baxter.
He is now the proud owner of a nice new legal tag, has been given all his shots and the medicine to cure his worms.
After the vet did the examination, it was of course, time to go home. Oh boy, this was gonna be fun. Me and two other ladies walked Baxter back to the truck and I told them, I really wanted to try to get him in the backseat but if we couldn't we'd put him back in the back of the truck.
We all gathered round, grabbed a hold somewhere and did a giant heave ho! He went in the back seat of the truck. It was not easy, it took a few more pushes and shoves, but in the back seat he went.
On the way home I stopped off at the dreaded walmart and picked up some dog clippers.
I've been shaving on this dog for two days. He's 90% done. I've still got the neck area and the bottom of his feet left to do, then a bath. He sits still while I shave him, but after an hour or so gets antsy and we have to give it a break. It's a lot to shave and it's difficult because of the 'mats of armor', but his body is now completely naked. WHEW! Looks like a huge naked lion running around the yard!

I'll update with pics when I can.
Baxter is one lucky fellow.
Oh yeah..plans are in order to now fence in the back yard.

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