Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ready for Monday?

Monday will be the start of the Saturday Challenge! Get things ready, be prepared and I'll check in with you soon!

It's Sunday again ..supposed to be our 'down' day, but as I mentioned the hubby is working copious amounts and I swear, it's like I haven't seen him in a month!
WOW...Valentines is just around the corner, do you have anything planned. It's the 'RED' month!
Yeah, I have colors for many of the months.
Jan is blue and white (snow and cold)
February is Red..Valentines
March is green....St. Patricks Day
April is PASTEL of all colors...Easter
May, I always considered Yellow and White, don't ask me why..maybe it's because of the blooms and flowers out.
June was green again, cuz not just the buds but now EVERYTHING was green!
July of course, is two different type of colors for me Red, white and blue because of the 4th of July and then, it was HOT HOT always bright yellow and red.
August pretty much follows that same idea..HOT HOT HOT..A white hot..
September...ahh September began the cooling, now it isn't HOT HOT's just HOT HOT..LOL so the colors of fall are starting to emerge ..and I'll lean toward the burgandy's and the oranges
October, of course is Orange and Black and Burgandy and well...all those lovely fall colors.
November ends my falls colors as December approaches I'll head toward the Red and Green.
So do the months make you think of a color?

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