Sunday, January 25, 2009

A new family member?

Well..for the past two days we've had a new member roaming about the yard.
It came out of the woods one evening a few nights ago and literally scared the hubby into a scream because of the size.
What is it you ask? Well..its' apparently a stray, and from the looks of it has been a stray for a long time. It's HUGE. I mean..HUGE BIG....VERY LARGE even!! Let me say's full of mats, briar's, sticks, thorns and everything imaginable. But I've never seen a more gentle dog. Beautiful eyes..with dark black make-up around them. (sigh)
I'll be calling a 'dog groomer' and or the vet, first thing in the morning, the mats in the fur are so big, so hard and cover so much body mass that we fear it's going to require a complete shave. It's a 'Great Pyrenees breed for sure..maybe a mix, but looks almost full blooded to me.

Without further's a 'before' shot of our new possible family member. (I say before, meaning..before dog groomer and removing of the mats. NOT to mention a desperately needed bath) All the dark spots that you see...are mats and mud and dirt. It's white all over except for a small area around each ear. These mats go all the way to the skin! Makes me want to shoot the person this dog USED to belong to, because they certainly don't deserve it back!

See that thing in the background. That's my dinning room table. Did I say HUGE?

She/He is getting ready to go into a sit here, but when standing straight up, is taller then the bottom of the hutch behind! I'm only 5'1" and Scott (the one in the pic is 5'9")
My camera battery went dead before I could get a picture with Cami our Jack Russell, but boy oh boy what a difference.
I'll post an update as soon as I can..and if we do get to keep her, I'll post the after groomer pictures and new name!

Oh, by the by, we cannot tell if it's boy or girl...the mats are so bad you can't see! We thought at first it was a girl by some gentle 'probing'..but last night, a leg was cocked to use the at this point..could be either!

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