Friday, January 23, 2009

Did you ever???

Have a week, or maybe two that you were so busy, running about, doing this, doing that, go here and there, fix this and that..that when those days were all over, you were plum tuckered out but took a look around and said "WOW..what the world did I do for the last two weeks, cuz it sure don't look like I accomplished anything?" Well, that's what the last month has been like for me!

I planned a quick trip to NY to see my 'kids' and their new first grandaughter, and I took two of my sisters along for the ride. The scenery was beautiful and we had a great time, but it seems I've been lost ever since that trip!

I KNOW I've gotten things done, but WHAT? and WHERE?
I've run, and done and still can see nothing that shows it. PLEASE tell me this is not how my year is going to be like..I couldn't stand it! LOL

Soooo I'm beggin someone to pull the plug, stop the world for a few days I need to get off and take a look around!!

Sound out if you've had one of those weeks..or two weeks..or even a month!

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