Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Southern Virginia Trip

As most of you know, we spent this past weekend in Danville, Virginia, looking and adventuring for a possible move.
We had a good time, viewed much of the area and learned a little about Danville. So..here's your lesson for today on Danville, Va.

Danville is located in south central Virginia, on the North Carolina/Virginia border. Population appx. 46,000+ in Danville proper, but Pittsylvania County accommodates more then 61, 000.

First settled in 1792 and named Wynne's Falls after the first settler, it was renamed Danville in 1793. Danville is also called the city of churches because it has more churches per square mile than any other city in the state of Virginia and hosts the Danville Braves baseball club of the Appalachian League.
For more information on Danville, here are two sites that will give you loads
Wikipedia and of course, the Images site on Danville. GREAT pics! Visit the Images site for some cool information!

There are many nice areas around Danville as well; Chatham, Martinsville and in NC: Eden, Yanceyville and even Greensboro is not far. Danville is 140 miles from Richmond, VA and 279 miles from Washington, D.C.

We took a few of our own pics of course, so enjoy the small slide show above of downtown Danville.

Beyond touring Danville on Monday (while Scott was taking his pre-job employment test) We ventured far and wide on Sunday. Since North Carolina is within the mileage limits we discussed for possible living places, we ventured into Yanceyville, North Carolina. Now, just outside of Yanceyville there is "Yancey House".

Yancey House a restaurant with a 'punch'!. It was time for lunch, so we stopped in. But we had our reasons!

Yancey House grabbed our attention, because, well folks, it's purple! Yep, I said that right..PURPLE! Check this out!

So, join us as we visit "YANCEY HOUSE"!

Now, according to Ashley, our waitress, when I asked about Yancey House, she told us it's supposed to be 'confederate gray'.....according to the label on the paint can that was purchased at one of the 'do it yourself home repair places'.....(lol). Well, I've never seen gray like that!

HOWEVER, all that said and done, Yancey House was GREAT! We were not too hungry, so ordered a lite fare of appetizers, one for each of us and then a salad bar. It was YUM!
I ordered the oysters, hubby ordered the crab cakes!

The food was delicious, really, and Ashley was very knowledgeable about Yancey House. I asked questions and learned a few things!
When we had finished our lunch, we bellied up to the bar for an after lunch drink and enjoyed conversation with Ashley and her partner in crime (and we did not find out her name..sorry). In the bar, a decoration caught my eye and I had to snap a picture of it, thinking...hmm..I drink enough wine to make one of these! (a small one, but none the less!) Yancey House has character, and if you're ever in the area, we recommend a visit.

Yancy House does have it's own website, so visit and take a look at the gardens and the pictures. You can find it at "Yancey House" I hope you enjoy your visit. :) We did.

As we were leaving Yancey House, someone caught out attention. Heading back to Little Red we heard a loud "meooow"..loud yes, but it came from a small cat. Take a look at the little tike that tried to follow us home! We dubbed him Yancey, just for fun!

He was determined to go home with us, kept following Scott!

We sure do hope you've enjoyed visiting 'Danville' and the surrounding areas with us! Come back soon..looks like next time round, it'll be Lynchburg, Va!

Ohhhh Ohhhh!! Wait just a minute..I have to show you this.

While perusing the area in Danville, we came upon a shopping center..that had a name that we just were kinda amazed at. Check this out:

This is honest.....the name of the plaza is Tightsqueeze Plaza (HUH!?)

Now..of course, you wouldn't imagine a plaza with this name being on ANY other road ..then this.............

Think you've had enough?? Ohhh no! I got one more. The cross road for Tightsqueeze Rd.......is.......(GET READY!....ARE YOU READY?)

At least I know, someone in Danville has a sense of humor! LOL

Till next time..down on the farm!

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