Sunday, August 3, 2008


No pics yet, but you'll never guess where I am?? In Danville Va.! We've traveled from home (SC) to Danville yesterday evening, and have ventured far and wide between Va. and NC today. (looking at possible homes to buy and or land, should the new job come through for us)

We had lunch at the coolest place "The Yancy House"'s a GREAT..Fantastic PURPLE restaurant..(..Big..antebellum farmhouse type place redone as a restaurant) I've got pics inside and out and will share as soon as I return! The food was to die for but even better was the people. They were great! Our waitress Ashley was too cool. There is a website and I will be sharing the web addy as soon as I return to post pics.

I'm posting now from the Holiday Inn Express in Danville, that sits overlooking the Danville River. (of course, we lucked out.....PFFFT..and got a room on the front..overlooking..the ROAD!)..we'll have to dream of looking out the window at the river for now. Either way, the hotel has been nice, conviently located for us..and the area has TONS of wide open spaces country everywhere..something I miss. SO..keep your fingers crossed that hubby lands this job. He's back in the room studying as we speak..and I'm out front..playing on the hotels computer! LOL..

A big thank you goes out to Ashley and Brayden for coming to our rescue for this trip and staying out at the farm for us and tending the critters while we roam the countryside!

Have a great weekend everyone! See you on Tuesday!

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