Tuesday, July 8, 2008


To our 4th of July party!
It's taken me a few days to get this up..so I must apologize. SORRY! I was just really ..uhmm tired! Yeah, that's it, tired! But here it is, some pictures and a story or two from our 4th of July party/shower.

Here's a few of the cast of characters!

This is Ashley..my daughter and her son, the newest addition to our family, Brayden.....We call her Ashley1 because....

My Son...Niel married an Ashley as well, whom we call Ashley2
And they are now expecting their first little addition


This is Tony..AKA BuckWild, BigMan, Local Law enforcement..take you're pick. He's my nephew. He married Melanie back in October of last year. Beautiful wedding, and party here afterwards. Fireworks then too! We tried to warn Melanie of what she was getting into, but did she listen .....nooooo! So she's stuck with us now!

This is Amanda, my niece and of course Tony's sister, with Dino her hubby. They were married last year too, and again, we tried to warn Dino, but did he listen?? nooooooooooooo ..(why don't they listen?!)

And this is Scott, my hubby. He didn't listen either!

Ahh, here comes the first story for the day, and it's a FISH story!

First thing Scott did on this beautiful July 4th was pulled out the boat and take her out fishing. GUESS WHAT? Here's the booty he brought home! It was a 21 inch Red Fish.

This July 4th party was a combo party for us. A baby shower and 4th party.
Niel and Ash2 traveled from Upstate New York for their final visit for the year since the baby is due on Nov 21.

The chairs were set, the pool was up, cleaned and ready to roll. We were ready! So as everyone started arriving, the drinks were passed around and food was getting prepared.

Manda and Dino arrived with their girls and the drink cooler (wonder whats in THERE!) Cami the little dog under foot just had to get in on the action, she greets everyone!
Big Man and Melanie arrived in their usual HARLEY STYLE !

And before you know it, the girls were in the pool enjoying the day staying wet!

This is Trinity and Shaylee, Manda's two girls. The pool was their domain for the day.

So comes our second story of the day. We are rolling right along, having a grand time chatting and laughing. Now Big Man is sitting and enjoying himself AND like he normally does, rocking back on two legs in his chair. We don't call him Big Man for no reason, I've mentioned before, Tony stands 6'4 and is not someone you want to run into in the dark. Bad thing happened this day, Tony was rocking back in the chair, but it was merely a plastic chair. WRONG thing to do. Here is a before shot.

Now, take notice of the chair. Plastic..yep, just plastic.

What happened next, (it is a shame that no one had a camera in hand and ready) because the back legs on the chair decided to buckle under, they bent in and Tony took a very slow motion roll all the way back, to the ground. We all watched, as he flug his arms wide in a swinging motion to save his ass, but alas, he hit the ground. You know what we did then? ...we all started laughed our asses off! Everything behind Tony (the gift table for the shower) went flying!
We got Big Man up, dusted him off, gave him some aspirin and said "awww you'll be alright!", while we continued to giggle and laugh. He's good though, I gotta admit. He didn't even spill his beer! Now, here is an after shot.

His wife Melanie is trying to show him what he did on his perilous journey to the ground. She's still laughing! She fits into this family, so maybe it's a good thing she didn't listen!

Anyway, notice the chair change? He's now in a metal chair so no legs will buckle when he rocks back. And trust me, he continues to rock back on two legs. He didn't learn one thing from his meeting with the ground, nope not one!

As the day wore on, we shared food and good company, more visitors arrived and babies were passed around to cuddle and hold.

The night ended of course with our fireworks. As we sat around enjoying the display I was sad to see the night come to an end. Meet me next time, for our adventures ..........down on the farm!

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