Thursday, July 17, 2008


I just happened to be perusing through some of my pictures this morning, and figured it was time for an update here.
Funny how looking back through pictures can evoke some of the best memories.
First off, this was taken on the 4th of this year, it's the area we set up around our pool. Nice little sitting area. It's not finished yet, intentions are to paint the backdrop all white and add a few signs that I have, that say things such as "NUDE BEACH"..."NO WAKE"..."BEACH CHAIR RENTAL $1.00 A DAY" ..very cute signs that my daughter in law Ashley made for me. (they now reside in my guest bathroom)

Now, the reason for the 'backdrop' as it is, well, we live in the boonies, no neighbors. Now, if you lived out in the middle of nowhere, and had a small pool what would YOU want to do?? That's right..skinny dipping! (NUDE BEACH..remember!). The only minor view was from the road. (If people drove by slow enough, they'd surely see something!) So we blocked that view. Now we can nude beach it whenever we want!
While Niel and Ashley were visiting, we drove to Ashley's house (daughter) on Monday. My kids have not been in the same room with each other in several years, so luckily we got a shot. So here are my two kids, and my one grandchild (currently) for the first time in MANY MOONS!

Several years ago, , Wanda and Linda, (two of my sisters), Robin and Suzanne (two close friends),Ashley (DIL) and I got together for a 'girls weekend' in Savannah, Ga.

We had a BLAST. We strolled round Savanna, got kicked off the free bus (!..seriously!), ate lunch at Paula Deans & Sons, and got our feet wet in a downtown fountain. (I'm pretty SURE we weren't supposed to do that either!) Take a look, then I'll explain what happened to get us kicked off the free bus!
Here we are, being bad in one of the downtown fountains. We actually got all the way in it before this session was over. We had a rolling wet time! (but hey, at least we didn't get arrested!)

This is before the bus incident!

We had lunch at Paula Deans & Sons. We got the waiter, who was a TRIP to take this pic of all of us at the table, AFTER the carnage!
It just so happened that Robin (the red head and long time friend) along with Ashley had just recently celebrated birthdays close to each other. So, we celebrated at Paula Deans with them as well.

And now, to the story of getting kicked off the free bus.

In Savannah, they have a free bus that you can take all around Savannah. There are disignated stops throughout the downtown area, and you can get around a good many places, across town and so on without having to walk. The buses are even air conditioned, which is good in the heat of a Savannah summer. So the 6 of us decided to take a break from our walking and ride the free bus across town to our next adventure. We wait at the bus stop and up rolls the bus. All of us loaded onto the bus and went to the back where the empty seats were. WHEW! Were we thankful for the air conditioning! Now, the bus driver, was..let's just say she was not gentle with that bus..OH NO..she was not. She whipped those corners and curves so fast and rough, we were gripping the 'ohshitbars' in the bus rather tightly. Suddenly, Wanda shouts out "Drive it like you stole it honey!" (all in fun mind you!) Well..I don't think the bus driver cared too much for this, who knows, maybe someone burnt her toast that morning, but at the next stop, she told us we had to get off! Can you believe it..we were kicked off the FREE bus in Savannah! it turned out, we walked anyway.

We enjoyed the nightlife of Savanna as well. We had someone (aka: Suzanne!) take this picture for us..I swear, she must have already been enjoying a good bit of the Savannah night life, but the picture was too cool for me to toss.
However, we did hit a few 'clubs' as it were. Wanda is a karoke singer, so of course, she entertained the crowd! Her and the DJ broke out with Rob Zombies 'Dragula' if you can believe that one!

Ahh..the bar life! We happened upon a very nice bar, on one of our tours of the 'haunted bars of Savannah'..also known as "The Haunted Pub Crawl". Me and Suzanne (long time best friend) loved the couch they had in the place, and we sure did make ourselves comfy on it!

The next day, during the heat of the day, we retreated back to our hotel for a tea party. Sister Linda decided she was going to give the girls a tea party. You should have seen the look on the hotel clerks face when Linda popped down and said "Do you happen to have any plates and forks that we could use, I'm giving a tea party this afternoon in my room and I'm fresh out." He was taken aback, but quickly provided us with the necessary items. Little did he know, it was a tea party all right..with wine!

Well, that's it everyone. Just thought I'd share some of our good times from a few years back.

Oh yes, one more thing. Now, before you look at this picture, KNOW that this was not done intentionaly, I just happened to catch it on film! My DIL was getting ready to 'go out on the town' to experience the Savannah night life. As she was putting on her make up, I caught her in the act the mirror. She had no clue, she was using her fingers in such a way.

Till next time! Come see me..down on the farm!


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Good mornin Sage, I just wanted to drop in and let you know Im having a book giveaway over on my blog,so when you get a chance come over and check it out. Karen

Unknown said...

You crazy woman. I want you to show me Savannah!! Do you think we would get in trouble??? LOL


Kimberly Ann said...

I have always wanted to go to Savannah. Maybe someday I'll get there. Sigh