Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's been a while

But we have not disapeared...I promise!!

Many of the garden items are coming to the end of their season. The cucs are almost done, the leaves and vines are all drying back and dying out. The tomato's are near to be doing, we've probably got a few more weeks with those. The zuchinni and squash are still doing ok and acutally the zuchinni is just coming into play because we had that surprise plant, which turned out to be a pumpkin. I've pulled the pumpkin plant of course, and now the zuchinni is coming to life! Late, but still, working it's magic!

Those bell peppers that had that seed borne disease are coming along. I did not treat them with any chemicals, just started taking off each leaf that would get the problem. Now, we've got some nice pretty bell pepper plants that are blooming. They will also be late in the year for production, but that's ok too.

The gourds are all over the fence and I'll try to get some pictures of them posted soon.

We've got flowers blooming here and there and even had a surprise flower show up, that I planted thinking it was something else, but was not what I thought it was. Here are pics.

Thanks to the help of the posters at Mary Janes farm, I have discovered this is a "Spider Lilly", it's very pretty and very different. I'm hoping it will 'winter' well.
I'll try to post some pics soon of the revamped garden, as we are getting ready to put in our fall/winter crops, so we've retilled many of the areas and have the seeds on standby!
Till then, grab your garden apron and meet me down at the garden gate, it's harvest time! (So bring a basket!)

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