Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well, though I may have been busy for the past several weeks, I did accomplish to get about 4 more quilt squares sewn. It's a never ending process I'm sure, and I have no where near enough to make my quilt yet, but with steady going at it, I'm sure I will by winter. Quilting is much more 'fun' in winter, if I decide to take it off the quilt frame and use a lap frame, it keeps my legs warm while I work.
That was something my mother always did. She'd start a new afghan just as summer was ending, so that by the time winter came along, it was big enough to cover her lap. She'd work on it all winter, using it as a lap covering while she worked. She usually finished one in a few months and they were always beautiful.
I never took to crochet. I can do it, sure. I've even made a few small bed top afghans, but for some reason, I just never took to crochet. Something tells me, as I grow older I may want to give it a try again. Who knows, maybe it just wasn't a good time for me to 'give it a go' and we all know, we change through life. Next time I try, I may take to it much better.

It's still blueberry season here, and will be untill the end of July. I've got a very large basket of blueberries just waiting for me to clean, de-stem and freeze. They will be in the freezer come nightfall tonight (or before). Last Sunday I made some wonderful homemade Blueberry waffles. I made an extra large batch, cooked them all and put them in the freezer for use through the week. (if they can do it at the stores, I can do it at home!)

I had to whip up some homemade laundry detergent this morning, as I'm doing loads of laundry today and ran out! I've been using homemade laundrty detergent on and off for most of my 'married life'. I find it works just as good as store bought. When I have extra dirty laundry I add extra or use a little liquid dish seems to fight the grease well.

As I was going through some things the other day, I realized I had quite a collection of 'oils'..such as coconut, grapeseed, olive, veggie and even some clarified store bought lard. I'm going to get all these oils together and make a large batch of soap in a few weeks (I'm hoping). I've got plenty of different scents to use, but I will pick one universal good smelling scent and make many bars of soap to give out as Christmas gifts this year. Add the homemade soap to some home canned jams and maybe some cookies and my Christmas is all wrapped up! (just gotta look for some baskets!)

My daughters birthday is coming up in a few weeks and she has made a special request for a present. She's wanting a basket full of different spices & herbs to use in the kitchen, with little cards that specify what each spice or herb is good on or best used in or for. That's an easy one, so I'll be working on that in the upcoming week.

So tell me, what are all my fellow Hedgewives working on this week?

Share you week with us. We can always use the inspiration!

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