Monday, July 14, 2008

Adventures? ((GRAPHIC CONTENT!)

I had forgotten to post the 'new' things we've been getting around here. EGGS!

Yep, the ladies starting laying finally, about 2 weeks ago (maybe less). It always seems like it takes forever for those first eggs to show up, but they finally do.

The eggs are still small, but they will get bigger. We've got at least 4 hens laying, maybe more. Check these little jewels out.

It's a pretty site to see, specially knowing there will be no more egg buying for us! WHEW!

Speaking of eggs and chickens, last night was an adventure! Not one we are not used to here for sure, but last night, I trudge to the coop to close up, even though I was late and it was dark, I saw a shape in the nests that wasn't supposed to be there. It was long, and slithery and curved.

Without batting an eye, or reaching my hand up to close the egg hatch, I trot back to the house, ask my warrior of a son if he'd like to practice some shooting? I get out the .22 hand it over, grab the flashlight and away we go. Where the intruder was positioned was going to be hard to shoot without causing a ruckus in the coop, so he handed me the gun to hold, took the long stick that I use to prop open the run door and disturbed our unwanted visitor.
He slithered out of the nest and down under the coop. The boy child bent down and with a few well aimed shots, our scaley friend met his doom. It was a very large rat snake, about 5-6ft long! Did we reach under and grab him up? No, I left him where he lay. After going outside this morning for the feeding, the chickens had not even touched the big boy. So I took the handy stick and pulled him out to the middle of the run. As I was leaving, they were starting to peck at him. He'll be a memory by the end of the day. I did however, snap some pics of the fateful event. Here's the graphic part! CLOSE YOUR EYES! what is it?? ..............Oh you chickens! I'll go first!

((peck peck)) This isn't bad! ......Tell us!! What was it like?

Let the carnage begin! It's like Thanksgiving to them!! LOL. Either way, there will be no egg stealing snakes round these parts!

We are heading to the daughters today to visit with her and Brayden for a while. When we get home, Niel and Ashley (and soon to be baby) will be packing up for their long journey back to NY.
They are going home with a carload... Baby shower gifts galore!

I'm sure Maya has enjoyed her visit with her family too. Maya's sister Iris belongs to Niel and Ashley, along with Maya's son, Aiden, and they came along to visit as well.

The sisters, chatting away! ........The three stooges

Now, here's the story. Iris and Maya are sisters. Maya..well let's just say, she got out once a few years back when her 'time' was in and she met up with a tall stranger. Aiden, the big white monster was a product of that meeting! Aiden is easily 6ft or better when he stands on his back legs and near 100lbs. He is a BIG BOY!

He's loveable though. :) (clumsy..but loveable!)

Well, that's it for now..visit again soon and join us in our adventures....down on the farm.


KKJD1 said...

What a exciting weekend,snakes and all! Love the chickens and the dogs. I love any animal by the way. I'll be praying your son and family make it back home safely. I know you cant wait for that new little one. Will you go up when its born? Have a great visit today and a good week. Karen

Sage said...

I'm planning on going up the week the baby is due and staying a few weeks to help out hoping that the baby will come while I"m there. Keep your fingers crossed. She's due on Nov 21, so I'll go up about the 17th or so. Haven't decided just yet how I'm going to get there, but I will soon.