Saturday, June 7, 2008

Well, here's what I spent part of my day doing today! I crafted!
I made a sign for my laundry room, didn't turn out as I was hoping, but it's cute enough..and..

This is my first attempt at a 'prim' craft'. I like this one! That really is my grandmothers name, and I think I'll make another one with my mom's name on it, then finally one with my name.

So, I feel like I've had a decently productive day at least! I'm ready to start another!

Till next time.....down on the farm!

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Unknown said...

Well I guess that's my motto too "Make hay while the sun shines!" After giving up a day on the lake for a hayfield!!!

The crafts are really great!!!! Keep up the good work you are so inspiring!!!!!