Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wanna see some crabs?

As most of you know I traveled to my home state of Virginia this past weekend for a visit. As we all sat on the deck 'crabs' were mentioned. Now, I don't know if you guys eat crabs the way we do, but the decision was made to purchase a few bushels of crabs and have a crab feast! So that's what we did!

So tell me, do you guys eat crabs this way?? The crabs rolled! That's a table full of crabs, cooked hot and spicey! Now, when you do this, this is not the quick meal, no no! You cover the table real good with newspapers, you get out your little 'crab cracking hammers', bowls of melted butter and spiced vinegars and you begin!You set down, get yourself comfy and begin. DIG IN!

You have to dig into the crabs, tear them apart and find the meat. It takes a while and it's one of those enjoy the company of each other meals cuz it takes a few hours. So, crab eating, is how we spent a good many of our hours on Saturday. Matter of fact, this was almost never ending. Once we got done the first time round, we'd come back a few hours later and do it again!.

We actually ended up eating crabs several times this weekend. We bought enough for an army!! But then again, when we all get together we are an army!!

Now, crabs were not the only thing done this day. Motorcycle rides were given.

Tony, my nephew and his wife, along with a few friends rode from South Carolina to Virginia on their Harley's.

So did Doyle, but he came all the way from Indiana! WHEW! Long ride for both of them!

The weekend was a blast! Trust me..crabs and all!!

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