Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ready to finish that walk!

Here we are, back at the garden gate! Let's take a look at a few of those surprises!

I did not plant watermelons. I know what a watermelon seed looks like, trust me I did not plant watermelons. BUT, this either has to be the biggest acorn squash I have ever seen, or it's a watermelon! This picture doesn't show this very well, but this guy is already huge!

Guess what though? He's not the only one! Somehow, someone must have snuck in here and planted two of these! This little guy is on the other side where my acron and zuchinni are! Go figure! Sometimes gardens will surprise you!

And these two jewels sure have!

I do believe they are watermelons of course. I guess for the 4th of July we'll be feasting on watermelon.

Remember the birds nest in the fig trees. Well, something has gotten one of her eggs. There used to be two in there, and I did get a picture of the one egg that is left. I hope whatever got her first one doesnt come back and get the second. Oh yeah, the mama to this, is a cardinal.

And for you viewing pleasure, another surprise in the yard that I did not plant, the garlic, now in full bloom!
So my trip to the garden yesterday gave me a wealth of 'greens' to 'put up', here's a shot of the booty I gathered!

If you remember a while back I mentioned the two monster trees I had out front. I tried to get pictures of them again yesterday. here is the Oak. This is about as good as I can get. So have a gander and try imagine it in real life. It's HUGE!

You can't see it very well, but the moss hangs off the limbs and give it that very southern appearance. I can say, that's one thing I do love about the south, the hanging moss

That's it for today. I have more pictures but I'll share those will another day. Enjoy and next time ..why don't you.........

meet me at the garden gate!

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