Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I KNOW what my next project is going to be

I'm going to make a parking sign for my yard. One that specifically says "PO PO PARKING"..


Today, my other nephew Tony visited.

................................................This is Tony
Now, Tony is someone I would surely not want to run into on the wrong side of the law. He stands 6'4 in his sock feet and always..and I do mean ALWAYS carries a gun (actually..he usually carries three! OHMYGAWD!)
Tony's nickname on the force is "BUCKWILD" what does that tell you?
But anyway, Tony and I along with Tony's wife Melanie (sorry ladies, he's married) are heading to Virginia for the weekend. It's party time! Tony and Melanie will be riding their Harley up, along with some friends and I'll be taking Little Red. Yep, he drives a Harley too! I'll make sure I get lots of pictures.
The other handsome devil is my hubby Scott. (sorry ladies, he's married too!) LOL

Of course Maya had to get in on the action!
She BEGGED to go for a R-I-D-E (we have to spell it around here!)

ANY car, it doesn't matter, she'd be right there if you simply say the word "R-I-D-E".

Tony's car is not set up for a K-9 so he could not take her for a spin today.

She forgave him and begged some more

But alas, he had to pat her and say no.

She sat and watched him drive away, hoping and wishing she could be in the back seat, on duty!

LOL, I've got pitiful animals I really do. That shephard wouldn't bite a flea!

All that said, I'm SERIOUS about the parking sign for my yard. PO PO PARKING..that's the ticket! :)

At any rate, I'm off to work on my newest stitchery project. A sampler. I've got two more projects in mind besides the new PO PO Parking sign. Both Prim in looks. Maybe I'll get them finished before I head to VA!

Enjoy the pics and see ya next time...down on the farm!


Meg in Tally said...

Just to let you know I surfed by your blog today. Enjoyed it! I grew up 'putting up' pickles, tomatoes, and peas. Brought back a lot of memories.

My dad lives right down the road from where Bo Diddley lived. Small town. His g-son used to play on the high school basketball team...Bo would come watch. He(Bo) did a lot for the town.

Unknown said...

Funny how we have to S-P-E-L-L out things in front of the animals!!!!

Sometimes I have to sneak out of the opposite side of my house to keep my goats calm cuz when they see me outside they co bazerko!!!

You are tooo cute!!!!