Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dancing all about the garden!

It's hot here! The garden is suffering badly. We've had only one rain in about 3 weeks. We've had to set the watering every other night what with the high temperatures we've had. (upper 90's and sometimes 100!)

Some of the plants have not done well due to our early high heat. (cooler weather crops) For instance, the broccoli and cabbage, I can probably forget! I got a few pickings off the broccoli, but the high heat has caused the 'cabbage' family to bolt and not produce well. Which means, I'll be pulling what's left and preparing those boxes for some winter crops. (of which I will be doing the cabbage family again..gotta have my broccoli!)

Our bell peppers may or may not produce this year. If you remember I posted earlier that they had a 'problem' that I discovered was seed borne. They are looking better I'll grant you, but I do not know that they will do anything this year. I may try a few more seeds quickly just to see if I can have some luck with a few plants.

Because of our 'volunteer' pumpkin plants, they have thwarted my zuchinni and squash production. Pumpkins really should not be planted next to other squash family. The pull too much from the soil. I may have to hit the farmers market for some zuchinni to 'put up'. I'm still getting some squash, one or two every once in a while, but not like normal. The lettuce is suffering a bit due to the heat as well, and I may have to plant that again at a later date for a fall crop.

We are however still having a rush on cucumbers. The jalapenos are doing great and the okra has just started, and the tomatoes are giving their all! I've still got plenty of green ones on the vine and picked a few red ones today.
Here's the bounty I picked this morning. Now, you know what I'll be doing with one of these red jewels in a few minutes don't you?? It's tomato sandwich time! OH YEAH!!
Gotta love those tomato sandwiches! (mayo..pumpernickle bread..yumm..can't be beat!)

This might be a better picture here. Take a look.
I picked a few of the tomatoes a little early so they will ripen inside. You can still see some of the 'color changes' they are going through. in this photo.

It seems that each year produces one thing better then the other. Last year, it was the tomatoes, the okra and the collards and mustard. This year, it's the cucumbers, the jalapenos and the okra. Early of course, we had good luck with the mustard and turnips as well.

Plans for the garden at this point are to pull some of the things that are not doing well, redig the soil, add some of the fertizlized hay and let it 'cook' for a few weeks. Then I'll plant again for second crops.

That's it for the garden update today. There's lot of work to do in the garden over the next two weeks, so why don't you get your garden apron, basket and gloves and................................
Meet me at the garden gate!
See you next time!

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