Sunday, April 6, 2008

Welcome to the Garden!

Ahh, here we are in the witches thicket! Awwww..shucks, it's just little ol' me Sage, the Crone!

Welcome to my garden blog. I'm just beginning this section as an addition to the original Sagewood Farm, so hang in till we get everything up and running as normal.

Of course, summer here in South Carolina has already begun it seems. Our Spring Season is very very short (bout 5 hours!) then the heat of summer hits hard and lasts long. (today, our temps were in the 80's!) And the rest of the week is looking to be 70's or above, into the 80's again by Wednesday! Where ohhh where did my spring go??

The current garden is already in progress of course, and I'll post some pics as soon as I can to show current updates and work that I've done to get this veggie garden on the way to producing!

But here's a first garden tip and ol' lore from my mom. Today is a 'new moon'..or 'dark moon' as some would say. Today is one of the better days to plant root crops, all things that grow their 'fruit' under the ground, such as potatoes, turnips, radishes, etc. So if you can, plant your root crops today, or any new moon day or phase.

How are the Pansy's going?? Pansies are great for this time of year in just about every location. With the first meltings of snow, a pansy is one of the first buds you see, so check your pansy count! If you don't have any, get some! They'll brighten your day and your back porch!

Till we meet again, see you at the Garden Gate!

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