Monday, April 28, 2008

The weekend Treasure hunt!

Wooohooo, we went on a treasure hunt this past weekend, without really knowing we were!

This past Saturday, we decided to run down to Ladson and visit the Flea Market, do some shopping. We happened to pass a yard sale on the way so hubby turned big red around (big red: our truck) and we whipped it in to browse around. They had a little cupboard that I really liked but figured they'd want 20bucks or better for it..but I had to ask "How much for the cabinet?" the ladies reply had me diggin my pockets quick! "Two dollars" she said. SOLD!! They had a real good sized shop cabinet..gray metal, specifically designed for a shop, you could tell. The lady saw me look at it and said "That one is ONE dollar"...SOLD! (hehehehe). As I wandered around the rest of the little yard sale, I happened upon a small foot stool, wooden legs, wooden body, covered top. The covering was a ''needlepoint' type of material, very worn and stretched. So I picked it up, then realized the top opened. Again, I asked how much and was told two dollars. Sold! I'm almost dancing a little jig at this point. New little sewing box for beside my chair!
We found some great treasures at the yard sale and were very very pleased when we drove away.
Our adventure was not over.
We arrived at the Flea Market to do some vegetable shopping. They have many vendors that sell great vegetables, very fresh and much cheaper then the stores. The first row we strolled down didnt' have too many veggie vendors, but at the end of the isle, there was a lady selling various odds and ends, and I just happened to peek in and spied a basket. Anyone that knows me knows, baskets are my weakness, especially if they are 'different' and sturdy. Well, this one..was BOTH. I've never seen a basket like this one. It was HUGE, and not made of 'wicker' but made of ..wood instead. Ohh I can't describe this one, so I'll just have to post a picture for you. (soon as I take one!)
I have since, cleaned the cupboard, put it in the kitchen with all my canisters on display (i've opened the doors of the cupboard and put some of my handmade towels over the doors) I've recovered the little stool, with some beautiful material I had, but didn't have enough to do much with. It was just enough to fit the stool. It's adorable.

So here we are..eating fresh veggies, enjoying the wonderful treasures we've found. All is good on this rainy day.....
down on the farm!

See ya next time!

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