Friday, April 18, 2008

The weekend rush!

Well, welcome to the Garden Gate again!

The week has gone by and the garden has made it through the cold snap and frost we had (thanks be due to the blankets of tarps we coated the garden in).
I meandered through the garden yesterday doing some odds and ends, fluffing up some dirt in a few unplanted boxes, weeding here and there and generally doing a plant check.

I did plant some lettuce yesterday, three different varieties, Romain, Iceberg (head), Black Sampson (leaf). I do hope I'm not too late for it as lettuce does NOT do well in hot weather, which is part of the reason I've placed all my 'salad' and 'cool' weather crops under the edge of the tree. They get the late morning sun, then are shaded for the heat of the day. Figured it would help to keep those 'salad' type crops from bolting to so quick. I'll let ya know how it turns out.

This weekend looks to be a busy one for sure. Our big gardening day this weekend will be on Sunday due to some prior commitments for Saturday. But hey..Sunday is a great day to be in the's a full moon!! We'll be planting the rest of our above ground crop this weekend. Melons, corn, okra, gourds, etc. The whole 'nine yards' as they say.

So till Sunday...when I'll
See you at the Garden Gate

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