Saturday, April 12, 2008


Oh yeah...! Those strawberries beckoned to me all day. I stood fast though, till I was done with my outside work.

The rains were coming, the yard work now done, I had about 20 minutes before the downpour. I grabbed a few bowls, a knife and some strawberries and sat on the porch 'decap'-itating' strawberries till I had 8 Cups. Rinsed, quartered and put into the pot, I cooked and stirred till the preserves were the result. 7 -1/2 pint jars sit beautifuly on the table cooling as I type.
I'd start the next set, if only I had more sugar! I had JUST enough to do these jars ONLY!
Since it's still 'storming' out, I certianly don't want to go out this moment, so we'll sit here at the Farm, admire the dark reddness in the little jars below and wait.

Till tomorrow probably.
Besides all that, the kitchen is cleaned up from the 'putting aside' and the preps for dinner are calling me. Speaking of dinner...the first crop of the season waits to be dinner salad!
MUSTARD GREENS! (great raw as a salad!)

Seems the days on the Farm start early with tons of things to be done, big, small and in between, and even when you think you can rest for a bit, you find something else to add to the list to begin later or the next day. WHEN will I run out of paper??

The chickens will surely enjoy the tops I cut off the strawberries though. Maybe it'll stop raining soon and I can let them out for a little while.
I hear the sweet sound of "POP"..coming from the jars behind me..they are snapping sealed now about every 5 mins or so....woohooo!!
Till next time, I'll see ya...down on the Farm!

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