Thursday, April 10, 2008

The sun is out again!

The weatherman is telling me 80's today! Again, I just might believe him!
I've got a few plantings in the garden to do this morning, some flowers, then a run to the corner post office. Market day..Thursday...:)

Hedgewives! Do you remember the old 'lists' of days of the week to do things? Originally it was
Wash on Monday
Iron on Tuesday
Mend on Wednesday
Churn on Thursday
Clean on Friday
Bake on Saturday
Rest on Sunday
Later as the years went by and butter was 'bought' more then made at home, Thursday's churning, changed to 'Market' day.
With a few changes to 'fit the times', this was the beginning of my weekly chore list.

Today being Thursday..would be 'market' day. I'm not sure if your area still does it, but here, in this small southern town, all sale papers for the local grocery come out on Wednesday. All sales start on Thursday.
You reckon it has to do with this old fashioned standard of 'market' on Thursday, or is it just because the weekend is on the way?
In days past I would sit and scan all the sale papers comparing prices of items store to store and make my list with the stores name at the top, and the item they had on sale underneath. (if it was an item I was in need of mind you) I'd figure out my route..cuz I would make one 'round' trip in and out of town, and bright and early on Thursday morning, I'd do my shopping. I usually ended up hitting three stores, four at the most and I guess I did ok money wise, I fed a family of 6-8 every night, on large country meals for about 200$ a month. (sometimes more..sometimes less depending on what I had to have 'extra' wise..ya know, laundry soap, bleach, flour, sugar, etc)

Of course, when I found good sales on meats or the like, I bought a bunch, and canned or froze them for future use. Same thing with the veggies or fruits.
They used to have 'truckload' sales here every ohhh 4 months or so. I'd stock up on many items then. And I made sure I'd buy enough to last me till the next truckload sale. I'd preserve it, store it in whatever way I could. It worked.

I very rarely use this as a 'market' day anymore. More often then not, I'm using Thursday as a catch up day, cleaning day, general office day. I know the sales are going to last for a few days, so there is no rush. No kids at home and I'm only cooking for 2, ya don't need as much. Funny thing is, Ten years ago, I was cooking for 6 or more every I cook for 2 and the cost is still the same! GO FIGURE!!! Expenses are going up, I think it's time I start scrouring the papers again!

Enjoy the sale papers and the Market days Hedgewives! They can still be fun, take a good bargain when you can and always check the 'reduced' racks!

Till next time!

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