Sunday, April 6, 2008

Some pictures

Here is the garden a few weeks ago. Some boxes were made, placed, filled with dirt and ready to be planted. It was still a wee bit too cold at night to trust planting the seedlings though, so we waited.
The areas that don't have boxes have been 'mounded up and sectioned off' and a good many of those are being planted as well.

While we were waiting, the second garden was tilled.

In the second garden, which has no fence or boxes, we will be planting gourds, corn and things from the 'melon' families. You can see the 'second' garden if you look past the boxes and on the other side of the fence.

Here are the seedlings waiting for their new home

And finally, the seedlings are at home now, in their summer beds.

See you next time with an update!



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