Monday, April 28, 2008

Rain rain go away

It has rained on and off all weekend, but we worked between the showers. Even with the rain, we accomplished alot in the gardens and on the grounds. It's raining today and not much can be done outside. Not even pictures.
That second garden we have, well it's planted. We 'hoe'd and planted 17 rows of corn (the rows are about 30' long!)..and no..we don't have machinery! Did that hoe'ing and planting by hand! Whew..were my shoulders sore! (and my feet, and my hands, and my...well you get the idea)
We planted more beans, some melons, decorative gourds and finally the sweet potatoes.
I'll post pictures tomorrow if I can, but boy oh boy you should see those Yellow squash! WOWSA!! In one weeks time, they have doubled upon themselves and instead of one or two litte blooms and beginning squashes, there are 6 or 7 of them on there now. I'm sure I'll be picking squash by next week! It's amazing!

I planted lots and lots of flower seeds this weekend. I've not done too many flowers by seed before, but being part a seed swap this year, along with an 'earth day' celebration at my hubbies workplace, we had flower seeds of all sorts and lots of them. So figured it was time to try my hand at seed planting flowers.
We'll see how it goes and I'll keep ya updated with pictures. I'm hoping they'll be out and blooming by July as we plan on having a yard party for the weekend of the 4th.
But, for now..take a garden break, sweep off your hat and get ready for tomorrow when you can...
Meet me at the Garden Gate!

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