Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Looking to be a gray day today

Having been a wee bit sick for the past week with a very viscious sinus infection, I've not been had as much time to blog, but I'm bloggin today!
It's Wednesday..a day for the kitchen.
Monday's are B&B Days, Wednesdays are K&L days. Kitchen and Laundry Room days. Since my laundry room is right off from my kitchen, I always include this in the chores of Wednesday.

It's KITCHEN day. I take an hour out of my regular cleaning and spend it on the kitchen. I usually end up mopping/bleaching the floor, cleaning out the fridge and pick ONE item in which to really get down and dirty with. Whether it's the freezer, the pantry, the oven, the cabinets, matters not, as long as there is a rotation done, it always gets done. I always stick with the same routine..from door back to door, but since the kitchen gets cleaned many times a day anyway the door to door routine is a lot quicker. It's a good thing though, as it leaves more time to get down and dirty with other things on cleaning day.
I try to remember what 'big' clean I did the previous week so I'm not repeating the process. If last week it was the oven, stove top and range fan, then this week, it'll be the sinks, coffe pot, toaster and the toaster oven. When I first started doing things this way, I'd keep a list of the items in the kitchen, and I'd mark them on the week I did them so I didn't repeat. Now, it's almost second nature, as I use the 'door to door' idea. The Fridge is first...then around the kitchen back to the fridge again. I've hit all the major and minor appliances, the sinks, counters, windows and everything in between.
Remember, if your just starting this..only work for one hour, get as far as you get in that hour, and next week, start where you left off! It's easy and gets easier as the weeks go by.

The kitchen is the heart of any home. To me, if this room is clean, the rest of the house usually magically gets clean too. Don't ask me why, but it does. I'll say it again, the kitchen is the heart of the home.
When I was growing up, all the family gathered round the table when they visited. We had a livingroom yeah, but, the only thing it was used for was 'watching football' on Sunday, and many of the men would gather there. They wouldn't always stay there though. They'd mill about from living room to kitchen, cuz the kitchen was where are the real action was. Sure, football was exciting, but the kitchen was always abuzz with activity. People coming and going, chatting with one another, joking about. The kitchen was the heart of my childhood home. We never left it, and the table was always the center of it all. The tales that table could tell.

Make your kitchen the heart of your home too. Spend some time it, and imagine your walls talking. :)

Till Next time!

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