Thursday, April 24, 2008

Look what's happening at my house

HEY THERE!! boy are things abuzz around here. We got roses blooming, chickens growing and the weather is heating up here in the south!

Yesterday was a garden day around here, so I spent a good bit of time there. I need to spend more, trust me, the weeds are trying to take over.

See the rows of blueberry bushes! Five of them, and trust me, they produce tons of blueberries!

I'll be cleaning out the chicken coop today, it's in dire need of it.
WHEW!! (PHEWW!!! s more like it!)
I try to clean that out once a month or so,
replace the hay, open the windows and the doors.
Air out the little coop.
Can't have dirty smelly chickens now can we??

There is Maya, the mighty 'chicken guard' above. HA!! She guards them alright! She wants to PLAY and pounces with her front paws on either side of the chicken, her butt in the air and that " I BET you'd be fun to play with" look on her face. On the chickens face, is pure terror! I hear a squawk..see wings a flappin' and the next thing you know, it's like someone yelled "The sky is falling!" cuz every chicken in the yard is scrambling for......nowhere..everywhere..anywhere..they don't even KNOW where, they are just running. Maya looks up in total if to ask "Do I stink?"

Now that little runt of a russell over on the left, she tries to help me corral the chickens at night. Ohhh yeah, she corrals them alright. She's just WAITING to get one in her little choppers! I think she'd let go quick enough when the chicken started flapping about in panic, but she just wants to try it...just once! She is the one you gotta watch!
I went out today and snapped some pics of the blooms around the house and hopefully I can get them posted soon.
But, I must run, the coop is calling..(or I should say..smelling) so off I go to scrape some hay!!
Have a good one and see you next time....down on the farm!


Unknown said...

I have 12 highbush blueberry bushes that were here when we bought the place 7 years ago and they were 10 years old then. We always get gallons and gallons of berries each year from June thru Sept except last year because of a deep freeze in May and had zero berries. I hope yours yeild as good as mine.

I also love your chicken coop. My dd is getting ready to build one and her dh is not thrilled with it so she is trying to decide how to layout a smallish one and maybe yours would work. Do you have any closeup pics or maybe dimensions and a description of the inside such as nests?

Sage said...

Becky..Thanks for the compliment on the coop! Yep..we've got some close up pics ..I'll send you some or I can post them here on the blog if you'd like. If you want me to send you pics, just send me an email a and I'll zip them right out to you. It's a basic 4x6 floor, height is about 5 1/2 ft at the front to about 5 ft on the backside. (those are estimates on the height). We only have the 10 chickens, so we only needed a few nests, we have 3 that are 1 ft. off the floor, and the nest boxes themselves are 12x12 cubes. (average for a nest). There are two roosts on the other side, that go the depth of the coop. I'll surely send you pics. I took plenty when we were building it! Glad you liked me email and we'll send everything we've got!
Again..thanks for the compliment!