Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Let's discuss a week

Since I've skimmed some of my days, and what I do on those days, I figure it's time to go ahead and just post my 'work week'. I'm not sure what other Hedgewives keep as a weekly schedule, but here's mine.

Monday: B&B Days (bedroom and bathrooms) those two rooms get extra attention on Mondays, of a 1/2 hour to an hour. This is also ONE of my laundry days. I mean..gee, since I have to change the sheets, and clean the bathroom of all towels and such, makes sense that this is a laundry day. I've collected all the dirty clothes, might as well get them started and washed!

Tuesday: DOLL day. The DOLL day is a big day usually..the D is for the Dinning room, the O is for oil, and finally, the L is for my living room. I use the second L just to remind me to 'DOLL it up!" It's just an easy way for me to remember. It's DOLL day! It usually takes about an hour and 1/2 to do these areas since they meld into one another. The O for the oil, is my reminder to 'polish' the wood furniture, which most of it is in the living room and the dinning room. So, on Tuesdays I "Doll' the house up!

Wednesday: K&L Day, Kitchen and Laundry room day! Today, I spend an extra loving hour in my kitchen, and 'some time' in my laundry, cleaning things in a rotation and giving things extra cleaning and care. If I do this once a week, nothing gets piled up or out of control for me. Of course, you have to remember, this is beyond the 'regular daily' cleaning. This is also a day that I MAY sneak in a load or two of laundry IF I have any. I'll do that again on Friday.
I try to do a good portion of my garden work on this day as well. Remember, that dirt manicure! I really do consider every day a garden day though.

Thursday: It's Secretary Day. Thursday is that 'office' day that I go through the newspapers, sale papers, and mail that needs to be tended. I cull the magazine basket, clean off the desk, the computer and the accessories that go with it. I make appointments or any other important calls that need to be made. I pay bills that are due, file what needs to be filed (oh boy, we'll have to discuss that some day!) and just do general 'secretarial' skills for the house, as well as cleaning the area. Since this doesnt take all day of course, I'll also do the Guest end of the house this day. I have a room that is set up as a little den, it's really my guest bedroom with a pull-out sofa. I usually keep the door closed so no one is ever in there, and it doesnt get dirty. I do try to go in once a week and give it a 'sweep and a check with a dust magnet'. This takes me all of 5 minutes. So, I barely count it as part of my work week. But..Thursdays are the days I do this.

Friday: I know you've heard of an "All Purpose Cleaner"..well that's me on Fridays. I usually use Fridays as an all purpose day. I'll check each room and do anything in each room that may need to be done before the weekend. Run the vacuum again in the general traffic area, grab and wash any stray laundry, sweep the porches and walkways, wash the storm/screen doors, ya know...just a general all purpose kinda day, with laundry attatched! I make sure all the laundry is done on this day in preps for the weekend.

Saturday & Sunday?? Well, I leave the days pretty open. We could be outside working the yard, we could be on the lake, we could shopping at the flea market, we could be sleeping in! Either way, I leave the weekend open to the universe to decide what happens. Anyone up for an adventure?? Ya never know!

EVERYDAY: Yep, there is one of those too! An everyday routine. Besides all of the above, every day I get up and spend 10 minutes in each area of the house, totals up to an hour actually, doing basic upkeep. Trash, making the bed, spiffing the living room, running the vacuum, whatever may need done or can get done in that 10 minutes in each room to make it look presentable, that's what I do. Call it a ritual if you want..set your timer for 10 minutes and GO! It's easy, and you will not believe how much time you actually have on your hands once this schedule gets 'down pat'..:) Works for me..may not work for you.

So tell me Hedgewives..what is your work week!???


Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I need a pattern to follow because I clean like I garden. I will start out on this side of the garden weeding and in a little bit I will be pruning on the other side of the place or something else on the far side. I clean house the same way jumping from room to room and nothing seems to ever get done!

You know there is a medical term for my condition it is called "Flight of ideas". hahaha

Sage said...

LOL..well..flight of something!! I do know where you are coming from! I used to have that same 'medical condition!" I had to learn..that even though it didn't look like I was getting much done, I was..it just was NOT viewable cuz it was NOT all in the same area! Just remember..the house, the mess, the clutter, the whatever didnt' get there all in one day so it's gonna take more then one day to fix it..and a plan! So..stick 10 minutes at a time..room or area at a time..and it'll be done before you know it! :) I had to make myself learn this..it was not easy, but learn it I did!