Monday, April 14, 2008

It's over!

I'm in an Irish mood, so enjoy some soothing Irish tunes while you read!

Jammin time is over, for now. It's almost a sad thing, but boy do I love looking at the end result. I 'put up' 20 1/2 pints and several bags of slightly sweetened, sliced berries for the freezer. We may go back this weekend and do it again! (only I wont get as much this time, just enough for the freezer and Yule gifts)

We opened a jar of course, and used it yesterday for our brunch. This is the first time the new hubby has tasted my preserves. I made homemade biscuits just for the occasion. His comments? He took one bite and said "That's some GOOD stuff!!" (I smiled real big)..I knew this already, but it sure was nice to hear.

We had to 'blanket' our garden last night and will have to do it again tonight due to the frost we are getting. I've got to go uncover it in a few minutes, but it's downright chilly outside. They've called for a frost last night, and a deeper frost/freeze for tonight. I hope the garden makes it through. It looks very funny to see the garden all covered in blue, brown and green tarps!

The chickens are not very fond of the new food I got for them. It's in pellet form, instead of a crumbled form. I guess I'll be going back to the feed store this week to get some 'crumbled' stuff. I'll mix it in and hope for the best!

Till next time..see ya Down on the Farm!

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