Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's weed day

GARDEN LORE: They say if you weed on the new moon phase (which means from the day or two after the moon goes full till it goes 'black') you'll have less weeds!

Today is a weed day.
On my garden days I go out and randomly pick one or two boxes to 'weed out'. That way nothing gets too bad, rotation naturally occurs and I get to enjoy a good dirt manicure!
Today was the "Pepper" box day. Banana Peppers.

I prefer to weed after a good day or two of rain (we've had a week of it, so I guess I'm safe). The ground is softer then, and the weeds will pull out much easier. I take my garden fork, and that's what I call it, it's the small mini rake. I loosen all the dirt around the seedlings as close as I can get, disturbing the weeds as I go. Then, I sift the dirt so to speak catching the weeds in my fingers and tossing them out. I spread the dirt back out nice and level and any weeds that I missed, I yank em right on outta there!
How do you weed??
While I was in the garden, and since well I had the time, I went ahead and weeded the squash. And as I passed by even plucked a few out of the tomatoes..:)

I'll be doing some more planting in a few days. It'll soon be time to add more beans, the bell peppers, some more mustard and the okra.
Till next time, Happy Gardening and See you at the Garden Gate!

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