Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's Sunday

A day to rest??? Yeah..not on a farm, big or small!!

We've got to prepare today for the possible upcoming 'frost' that the night threatens to bring. The Garden would suffer greatly and all the work we've done would be wasted. I'm not into wasting much of anything!

We start Sundays a bit slower, with a Brunch. I like taking my time on Sundays, it at least gives me a break from the 'normal' week.

Sundays are days I remember best in my memory as a child.
I come from a big family, all told 12 kids! It's a long story, and not for the day, but there were only 9 of us in the general area. I was the youngest of these local 9, so as a young child and teen, all the brothers and sisters had families of their own, but it was 'tradition' that they came to 'mama's every Sunday.

So every Sunday at our house was like a holiday. My mother would get up and start breakfast, early. She'd cook bacon and sausage...lots of it. She'd make a huge pan of 'cat head' biscuits from scratch (with special flour that she'd travel 500 miles to get!), gravy to top the wonderful biscuits and of course eggs. Sometimes there would be fried potatoes as well. For a while, one of my sisters, Wanda, still lived at home, and of course, we were all in the kitchen helping prepare the 'Sunday Breakfast'.

As everyone would started arriving the house would get very full! Brothers, Sisters, wives, husbands and kids! We'd have breakfast in shifts because there were so many of us. My mothers kitchen was small, (as was the rest of the house) but when it was full to bursting was the most fun. Everyone ate as they came in, they'd get a plate and find an empty spot to sit. The youg'uns were assigned the stairs. I laugh when I remember this, as I used to be in that place in the family as well. The house was a two story, with the stairs in the kitchen. The children would get their plates and go to sit on the 'steps'..butt on one riser, plate on the other. The steps could be full all the way to the top, and there were thirteen of them! (stairs that is!)

With breakfast over, we immediatly began the preps for dinner . The 'girls' which meant the sisters & wives, would begin the breakfast cleanup. Funny now, but it seemed not everyone would participate. Usually me and my sister Wanda were stuck with the KP duty. More gave a hand to helping with dinner though. On nice Sundays we'd cook out, burgers or chicken with all the fixins that go with it. Potato Salad, corn or beans (Home grown that were 'put up' the previous year) and anything else my mother could get from her 'larder'! She had a housefull to feed. When a pot of beans was cooked, it was no 'little' pot.
All my mothers pots were big. Finding a small one was near impossible.
Again, when the dinner was over there was the "KP" duty and again, it usually fell to the same people. It was work, but we had many laughs.

When you put that many people in a small space you have two choices, you either laugh or you fight. We've done both, and I remember both, but the laughter was always louder and lasted the longest, even in the memories.

Have fun with your Sunday, make a memory to share or one to keep. Just keep the laughter louder and longer.

Till next time...

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