Monday, April 21, 2008

It's a new week in the garden

And we finished up a good many things yesterday. I'll post some pictures later, but we put up the 'poles' for the pole beans to climb, got the fence in place for the tomatos' and cucumbers to trail and be tied against. The okra was planted, along with some winter squash. We've still got the bell peppers to do, but since my seeds didn't take, we are going to go purchase some seedlings and transplant those. Hoping to get that done this week. :) I thinned out in a few areas, the radishes, the mustards and the turnips. I'll have to do it again one more time this week.
I weeded here and there yesterday of course. Weeding is a never ending project!
It was a busy yard day.
There were many trees we pruned back a good bit yesterday too. Just some yard grooming.

We are hoping to put up our deck this year, so I'm already eyeing the yard for some new projects such as flower beds and walk through gardens.
It wont be long before we'll have the yard the little 'garden haven' I'm looking for! I'll keep ya posted of course!
For now..I'm off to the
Meet me at the Garden Gate!

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