Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's looking to be a wonderful day here!

How 'bout where you are?? The sun is poking out this morning, which is nice since we had 5 days of rain, then 3 days of gray!
I've finished up my morning routine and am enjoying my coffee and a little bit of quiet. Of course, it's always quiet here. Do you have a morning routine??
I surely do. I do it most days without fail, but of course, there are a few mornings that I'm just not up to it and I give my morning routine a 'lick and a promise' and go on about my day.
But usually, I go about my day in the same way. Here's just part of my morning routine.

When I finally open my eyes (usually about 6am) I fling the covers back from the bed and let them hang over the end. I crawl out and scuffle to the bathroom. Now, in the bathroom I keep a plastic icecream bucket that holds a spray bottle of homemade all purpose cleaner, a scrubbing powder, a toilet brush and a toothbrush. Under the sink, I have a small stack of cleaning rags. (Cut up towels or washcloths that I no longer use)
Once in the bathroom, I take 30 seconds to clear anything off the counter/sink area, then I grab the all purpose spray cleaner and give that area a good spray and let it soak while I use the bathroom. Then, I spritz the toilet and add the scrubbing powder, let it sit. Go back to the counters and the sinks, grab a rag and give everything it's wipe down, then move to the toilet. Scrub it out with the brush, wipe it down, flush, rinse the brush and back in the plastic container everything goes. I hang up any towels or replace them with fresh ones where needed, collect all the dirty clothes (tossing the cleaning rag in with them) and head back to the bedroom. I dump all the dirties in the dirty basket in the bedroom and then make the bed. I collect ALL the dirty clothes and I'm out the door. I don't have to go back in this set of rooms to clean anything the rest of the day. I'm done. (unless I'm running the vacuum, then I go in to vacuum)
This is part of a normal morning routine for me. Grant you, there is more when I emerge from the bedroom and we'll discuss that another day.
Do you ladies do anything like this? This little routine takes me all of 10 minutes or less. I've been doing it for years of course, so have it down to a personal science.
Anyone can do this, just start slow, give yourself 10 minutes only, in each room if you must, but you'd be surprised what 10 minutes will do.
The amount of satisfaction I feel when this is complete is GREAT! I KNOW, this area of my house is done, in 10 minutes or less. It's an amazing feeling. Each and every time I walk back in that set of rooms to put something away, or use the bathroom, there is a twinge of glee as I look about and go 'WOW..only 10 minutes!"
Hope this can help some of our struggling Hedgewives to start working a routine into their lives. Trust me, a Hedgewife has one. She'd be lost without it.

Here's to a great day for all the Hedgewives out there! May it be filled with personal enjoyment of life!

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