Monday, April 28, 2008

It's laundry day

Monday's are always laundry days for me. Today, as normal..the B&B day (Bed and Bath) out of the way, laundry was started and I took a good hard look around my laundry room. WHEW..I think I need to spend a few hours in here! For some reason, my laundry room was just starting to look the pits to me. It was fairly clean yea, but lacked..personality!

Today..I gave my laundry room some personality!

First off..I bought a new little cupboard at a yard sale this past weekend, and it's adorable, and now clean and residing in my kitchen. The shelf I HAD in the kitchen which I replaced with the new 'used' cupboard had to go somewhere right?? WOW..the laundry room was just the place.

So I emptied the laundry room (well, not the washer and dryer mind you!) and cleaned it from top to bottom. Walls washed, floors swept and mopped. Now..the new shelf in place, a new 'clothes' hanger on the wall, some baskets placed here and there..and a few new ideas running in my head. The laundry room is starting to have some personality!

My laundry room is very small, not to mention it's the backdoor entrance as well.
Ya gotta know, I'm a back door girl. The way my life goes is, if I get a knock on the FRONT door, I know.. I don't know you, you're not a usual visitor to my house. All my friends and family come to my back door, straight into my laundry room first, then into the kitchen.

So was time to personalize my laundry!
Now that it's clean from top to bottom, rearranged, new hanging things here and there, it's time for some 'flare'!
Here are my ideas, and one or two of which I will begin working on tonight.
I'm gonna make a few signs for my laundry room.

One will say

.50 cents
another will say:

Drop your pants here!
and finally one to say:
What do you think of those?? Got any other ideas? Let me know. I love humor!
But, it seemed the day just kinda dragged working in the laundry room, but the satisfaction I have gained from seeing it in the 'new' fashion that it's in, is enough to give me a good nice sleep. Make me want to do more laundry even! (what?? Ohh yeah..I'm sick!)
It rained here all day on and off, was cloudy and very overcast, so what better thing to do then rework the laundry room huh?

Well, I'll try to get some of those signs made up and post some pictures tomorrow!
I hope you Hedgewives have had a great day and got accomplished what you wanted to get done. Maybe even a surprise or two as you worked your day! I'll be seeing you later this week.
We haven't discussed Wednesdays have we?? Maybe then, we'll see what we do on Wednesdays. Or is it Tuesdays?? LOL..either way, I'll see ya next time!


Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

I have one that says

"Laundry Room"

"help wanted - training provided - an equal opportunity"

I bet it's adorable. Please post pics!

Sage said...

LOL..becky, I like that 'training provided and equal opporunity' thought! OH YEAH!!
Thanks for the idea!