Friday, April 25, 2008

Here's the Guard of the house

He was enjoying the morning sun yesterday. He's been around a long time. I call him my 'Garden Druid"..or "House Druid". He watches over the stoop, and those who enter. He made it through the house fire that burned the original farm house that was here, about 8 years ago, so I figure, he's pretty good luck!
I think I'll keep him around. :)

Oh..he's not one of those easy to pick up fellows either..he's made of concrete! If he moves, he only does it on his own, at night when everyone is sleeping...cuz I'm not luggin him anywhere! WHEW!


Unknown said...

I love your blogs. I found my way here from MJF where I am
Farm Girl 2. I am in SW Va and I have to believe that we go about our days doing almost the exact things at the same time!! I am a hedgewife also.

I have a lot of blog reading to do now to catch up. Happy hedgewifeing!! Becky

Sage said...

Thanks Becky!! Where at in SW Va??
Virginia is my home state. I was raised in the Fredericksburg area, but my family comes from the southwest called Clintwood. Ever heard of it?? It's so neat to meet up with people who have the same roots as you! Come visit often! I love meeting new 'soon to be friends!" ...glad you stopped by. I'll go check out your blog! :) See ya next time.