Saturday, April 12, 2008

Guess what I'll be doing today??

As mentioned before, that we may get to go strawberry picking this weekend, yesterday provided the perfect opportunity, so off to the strawberry farm we went!

Maple Ridge Farm.

It's early in the strawberry season, but well within the season for sure. Strawberries run April and May. We may go back in a few weeks to get another load like this one, but for now, I'll be busy enough with this load..and up to my elbows in red red strawberry juice!!

The strawberries cannot escape! See the hunter above..there is no ESCAPE!

And..the booty....this is THIRTEEN POUNDS of strawberries! The strawberries were all monster sized this year. Seems like everyone around here had 'big big' berries. Must be the year of the "BIG BERRY!" As you can see, I've got new jars bought and ready to wash and sterilize for these babies and the rest of our 'bounty' of the year!

Well, I'm off to begin the strawberry ritual here at Sagewood!
See ya next time! Down on the Farm!

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