Sunday, April 6, 2008

Good Sunday mornin'!

Ahh, the day has broken through with sunshine, against the weathermans words! This is good though. We need to dry out a little bit. Even my garden is starting to feel a little water wrinkled!

Let's see, today is a 'new moon' day, which means, 'dark of the moon' or 'no moon' according to my mom and the Farmers's 'root crop' day. So today, I'll be planting our root crops. Carrots, radishes, etc. It's gonna be a wee bit hard due to all the rain we've had, but alas, it's the best day and I'll just wear muck boots if I have to! WAIT! I don't have muck boots! Weeel, in cases like that, it's easier to go barefoot! I can always wash my feet!

So, hope everyone has a great day, I'm off to head to the garden and see what I can get into, (probably just the mud!)
I think I'll put a name to my garden this year, what do ya think of "Sagewoods Vittles Thicket"?? Or how bout, "Lil' Sprouts Playground" or ..even, "Olde Crones Sprout Hedge"ROFLMAO!! see ya next time!

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